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Transformer Design & Manufacturer

Laminated transformer design Ferrite Core Laminated Toroidal
Ferrite core transformer - Custom transformersLaminated transformer - Custom transformersToroidal transformer - Custom transformers
laminated transformer design Ferrite Core Laminated Toroidal

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Coronavirus Business Continuity

Update - 26th March 2020

As a key supplier to both the medical and food sectors we remain open to ensure continuity of supply to both of these whilst also meeting the needs of our customers in many other industries.

We are closely monitoring the current Coronavirus situation and we are applying the recommended health and hygiene practices to all aspects of our operations. We are following government advice as it changes and is issued during this difficult time, please see the below for information on how we are handling the current situation.

We are endeavouring to ensure that our customer service is not compromised whilst at the same time ensuring the safety of our own employees and that responsibilities to the wider community are upheld.

Amethyst’s aim is to deliver a consistent and reliable service with minimal disruption to our customers for as long as possible.

Read our full Business Continuity Statement

Welcome to Amethyst Designs Ltd

Amethyst is a UK based designer and manufacturer of custom transformers designing transformers to your exact specification ranging from 1VA to 300KVA.

Our in-house Design Team will accurately identify customer requirements and work towards cost effective solutions conforming to the appropriate standards.

We are large enough to manufacture custom transformers in volume but specialise in delivering small batch runs and bespoke transformer one offs.


Toroidal transformers -Toroidal transformer design - Laminated transformers - Laminated transformer design
Transformer design
Transformer design & transformer manufacturer

Amethyst transformers are manufactured to international standards -  Medical BS EN 60601, Technical Equipment BS EN 60950, Safety Isolating BS EN 61558 (60742) we have full trace ability of production using UL-approved materials.