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Custom wound components

Custom Wound Components
From PCB surface mount to large three phase solutions Amethysts design team have a wealth of experience in identifying and assisting in the design of special purpose wound components

Custom Wound Components

Custom Wound Components

Amethyst designs have over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of specialised wound components.

Designing wound components for applications such as electron beam optics, high voltage trigger transformers (for the gas and lighting industry) through to high voltage wound components for powder coating processes.

Amethyst invest continuously in their automated and semi-automated manufacturing plant which includes in house vacuum impregnation and cast resin encapsulation machinery.

Amethyst produce transformers and wound components to meet every possible specification and have developed over 2,000 original designs. Whatever your requirement, they can design and manufacture exactly the right component for you.

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Transformer design
Transformer design & transformer manufacturer

Amethyst transformers are manufactured to international standards -  Medical BS EN 60601, Technical Equipment BS EN 60950, Safety Isolating BS EN 61558 (60742) we have full trace ability of production using UL-approved materials.